Tu-160 exttop Tu-160 sweptfront Tu-160 3-view
Tu-160 to Tu-160 extside
Tu-160 grd Tu-160 extfront
  Manufacturer: Tupolev
  Length: 177 ft, 6 in
  Empty weight: 242,500 lb
  Service ceiling: 52,500 ft
  Maximum speed: Mach 2.3
  Operational range: 3,820 mi
  Engines: 4 Kuznetsov NK-32
  Armament: 88,200 lb Max. payload
         24 FAB-500 1,100 lb bombs
         or 12 Kh-55MS 200 kt nuclear missiles
         or 12 Kh-15 missiles
  Tu-160 4-seat strategic bomber
  Wing span: 189 ft, 9 in (extended)
  Wing span: 116 ft, 10 in (swept back)
  Operational weight: 590,000 lb
  Max. rate of climb: 13,860 ft/min
  Maximum speed (at sea level): Mach 0.84
  Ferry range: 8,670 mi
  Max. thrust: 39,900 lb (each eng.)
                         55,100 lb with afterburner
  Radar: Obzor-K attack radar
               Sopka terrain following radar
               Active and passive ECM systems
  Height: 43 ft, 0 in
  Max. gross weight: 606,200 lb
  Fuel capacity: 352,740 lb
  Operational takeoff runway length
         10,000 ft


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