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Internet Looks is a unique online source of information and services. It facilitates personal, business, technical, and academic use of the Internet.

The site features informative and entertaining textual and graphic content. Internet Looks provides facts and information, and access to useful online utilities and to select sources of entertainment, opinion, news and weather in the Internet.

The domain name was created on February 23, 2000. This site was launched on April 26, 2007. For questions about the site, please contact the Internet Looks webmaster via e-mail at

Site Organization

The top of the home page has links to web sites about popular topics: Markets, Sports, Politics, Travel, Online Utilities, Social Networks, and Science/Technology.

The body of the main page includes sections on Entertainment and Leisure, Communications, National and Local News, Worldwide News, Facts and Information, and Remarkable Looks. Each of these sections has links to appropriate Internet Looks or external web pages.

Navigation within the Internet Looks site is via links and Home (back to home page) or Return (back to previous page) icons, and, for graphics pages that do not open in a concurrent page, via the browser back to previous page button. The browser back to previous page button may also be used to return to the Internet Looks site after visiting an external web page.

Additional site information is provided in web pages referenced at the bottom of the main page (Notices, Site Map, About Us).

Web Presence

The web site records about 14,000 hits a day. The site maintains a web presence in over 130 countries. Its web pages are visited by about 16,000 readers a month.

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